Complete Tank Systems


above-ground-tank-blue-bldgDouble Wall and Single Wall, single or double wall tanks to include:

  • Seal welded saddles
  • Code required NFPA devices
  • Reflective finish
  • Pipe support and signage

Double wall tanks include:

  • UL-142 Flame shield and fireguard – The Flame shield has two hour flame resistance rating while theUR-2085 Fireguard with a monolithic material between the inner and out tanks has SwR1 #93-01 4 – hour Fire Rating.
  • Additionally, the Fireguard 2085 will have a “Protected Tank” (ballistic, vehicle impact and hose stream). All tanks have more than one compartment. Both Flame shield and Fireguard tanks have interstitial monitoring. 15” Vacuum gauge is on institute pipe.
  • Flame shield and Fireguard tanks have 30 years Third Party Steel Tank Institute Warranty. Drawings will be provided for approval by local code officials and Factory assembled systems are also available


logo_Fireguard - Copyfireguard-2-500w